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2020 Bullet Journal

Hello everyone, in 2020 Bullet Journal Layout, I’m trying to make it as simple as possible, well sort of. I used to draw the layout with different doodles, add colors that take up too much time and energy, which sometimes demotivates me from Bullet Journalling. Here’s my 2020 Layout and January’s Layout.



Welcoming 2020 as a new year and also a new decade, I really want to fully commit to Bullet Journalling until the end, the first page looks welcoming to me. A bit vintage, I added one page of old paper is that what you called, which aged around 10 years. Coffee tone stickers, and grid washi tapes. Honestly, it took me a few days to actually be okay with this kind of design.

About Me 


Aileen’s Bullet Journal years ago includes The Current me and The Future me, to clarify what you are as a person, your feelings, your goals, and your relations, comparing it from early of the year to the end of the year. I tried this method last year and it was surprising to see the end results. Applying this method in my 2020 Bullet Journal will help me a lot to improve myself, my skill, my interests, and my relations, probably my career too.

Twenty Twenty 


Is this part a must? Not really to be honest, but it is so satisfying to see 12 months on one page.

Future Log 


IMG_8699I hardly use any future logs in my Bullet Journal Experience, but I will this year to remind me of the birthdays, important events and more.

Goals of the year 


It will be divided into 7 parts:

  • My Personal Goals
  • What I want to be
  • What I want to keep
  • I want to learn
  • I want to try

I took this idea from Amanda Rachlee, which will help me to remind myself throughout the months to achieve the goals slowly but surely.

Yearly Finances


KEEP THAT MONEY ON CHECK. I spend a lot without recording, which makes me feel helpless to know I work so hard yet the money is nowhere to be found, hahaha I spend it on my cats most of the time. Hence why this sheet will clarify how much will go to a certain category. Adulting much.

What Happened in 2020 


I want to recall the good things that happen in 2020, or so I can reflect on what I have been doing or what I have achieved each month. The sticker characters are cute.

Brain Dump


I’m not quite sure if I will be using this section, I will write things that I want to do, either plan on videos or cooking something that I have been wanting to try or probably future projects.

January Layout 


As I mentioned before, as for this year I want to keep it simple and easy for me to keep on track. Habit tracker is a must, as one of my goals is to maintain a good habit that includes waking up in the morning, making the bed (I know), drink more water, manage my work and also spending my time with my cats.


Working hours are also a must, mainly to remind me not to overwork, followed by Expenses Tracker which I have not written anything but I do write it down on my Drive.


Finally the Weekly layout, not really a weekly layout, I do not want to waste too much space of forcing 7 days in 2 pages because sometimes I don’t do much on certain days and it frustrates me to see an empty space.


I hope that you enjoy my post on Bullet Journal! Let me know if you do a bullet journal as well! Did you guys plan ahead before 2020? or are you like me I finally get the book and just started designing and journaling in mid of January? This is such a late post but thanks for reading!

11 thoughts on “2020 Bullet Journal

  1. YOU MAKE THE BEST LAYOUTS LIKE EVER! (: Ohhhh and the stickers look really cute. Mind if I ask where’d you get them? (:

    Please keep safe! x


  2. Your bullet journal looks so neat and organized! ✨ I really want to start one too so this has given me some ideas of what I might include 😄💕


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