Is Nintendo Switch V2 worth it?

Remember what I have mentioned in my previous post? Yup this is the continuation, well sort of.

I had Game Boy Advance SP in Pink color when I was younger, long story short Zelda is the OG! I played Zelda since I was a child, had my Nintendo 3DS XL as my teen birthday gift, such a glow up! Honestly, I just play and replay Zelda, and stopped playing any games after “adulthood’ stage and focus on studying and working. UNTIL TWO MONTHS AGO I purchase Nintendo Switch, with my soul. No, I’m kidding, with my sweat and tears through selling at Planner Market.

IMG_9599The question is, is it worth it? Let me list down my current state in life:

  • Recently graduated
  • Workaholic
  • I neglected gaming ever since, University.
  • Indecisive for Self Care
  • Homebody

At this point, I do need Nintendo Switch to light my world like nobo- THEY MADE A WEIRD VERSION OF ZELDA! I’ve heard of it, saw it and tried to play it and gave up in 5 minutes. Listen, LI-S-TEN, I mentioned that I grow up with Zelda by my side, through all those years I’m still confused why would they name the game Zelda WHEN THE MAIN BOI IS LINK – what I’m trying to say is that “Breath of the Wild” you’ve seen the meme alright but I prefer “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening” but this one is better because it’s CUTE. I’m going to rant about Zelda, but it’s about Nintendo Switch, okay FOCUS.

IMG_9601Is it worth to purchase Nintendo Switch V2? :

  • I bought it for BND $509, good timing because it was much more a few months ago.
  • It’s huge, as an ex-user of Nintendo 3DS, ITS HUGE and a bit fragile with the console switching and the large screen, did I point out that I’m clumsy like a newborn satan?
  • The games are expensive, BND $70 above for EACH.
  • Battery Life up to 8 hours or did I read it wrong, Nintendo DS lives much longer but it’s fine, understandable with the huge screen and other two consoles to charge.

In conclusion, totally worth it as I only get excited weeks later. It took me days or weeks to be excited about what I’ve purchased, very late at the excitement stage. Although I had a rough time trying to play games at least once a day or a few times a week, my boyfriend has to remind me to play the games. I’m currently playing Fire Emblem Warriors, which I kept on replaying the same chapter with the different levels until all the characters are equally leveled up. Yeah, I’m that type – almost forgot about Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle too.

ALSO, Nintendo is a langsat for releasing Animal Crossing Version few weeks after I purchased Nintendo Switch V2.


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