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Bullet Journal | Feb 20

February was a slow month, also it’s a leap year! Do you guys notice that? I know that this post is a very late one, I had so much on my plate for the past two months and I lost one of my cat Garfield, and it’s almost 3 weeks that he’s been missing and I don’t feel okay at all to do anything. I really just hope that he will be safe and come home soon.


This month’s theme was not as wow factor as I expected, because I was still experimenting with different types of papers and stickers.



It is important for me to acknowlege my spending habits, other than to track my monthly bills, I really need to be careful on other things that I have spend (uncontroably)




A good habit to set up every month, which I need to imporve everyday. Back then I used to do habit tracker for the sake of being eye-catchy page, as for now I fully utilize this page to be a better person or implement a better habit. IMG_9630


I mainly just go with the random design, but it turns out to be way more space. I prefer to see my pages filled with words rather than some empty spaces.


I apologize for the lack of update, I’m currently drafting Bullet Journal March, April and May soon! Hope that you enjoy reading this post.

4 thoughts on “Bullet Journal | Feb 20

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that your cat is missing ❤️❤️ Love your bullet journal, it looks so neat! I’ve only just gotten into keeping a journal and I really want to incorporate a habit tracker into it as have always thought it would be a useful idea ✨ Great post! 💕


  2. OMG, your spread are so neat and cute, I love them ❤️. Really sorry to hear that your cat’s missing, hope that he will be coming back really soon.


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