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Bullet Journal | Mar 20

I know that last month (or last two months) I said that I wanted to have a simple monthly spread for my journal, as the only main reason is to have more time planning instead of spending too much time drawing. No worries, I made a huge mistake! (yup you read that right)

The Month 


In the middle of the night, I decided to draw a floral theme with a huge letter M that represents March, pretty obvious. It took me an hour.

Habit Tracker


At this point, I stopped wanting to be the “Instagram worthy Habit Tracker” trend and decided to focus on the habit that I wanted to build up and improve myself as a person. Apparently being homebody really demotivate me to do work every day. Hence I spread it into 5 categories: AM Routine, Cleanliness, Working, Selfcare, and Night Routine, simple and achievable that is what I want March to be! I also added a chart – dotted – thing to see physically or through the book on how many hours I spend working and the balance of me sleeping at least 8 hours a day, I do achieve a good sleeping habit and an improvement of not working more than 8 hours a day.

Financial Goal 

I watched Aja Dang’s YouTube Video recently, and find out on a doable Budget Tracker or How to properly save your money, by dividing on what categories you want to save your money for then divided by the period of month or year you needed the money by the end. For example, my cat expenses would be BND $77 per three months, hence I have to collect at least BND $10 per week, ready to be used for the next three months! It sounds simple but it gets harder because I have other 7 things to collect too.

Weekly Spread


I made a mistake of writing down the date of April’s instead of March, so I have to glue all the pages and remake a new one. It’s cool, I didn’t stress much on Bullet Journal Perfection like I used to. 2020 Journal will only focus on productivity and goals, as long as I can use the book to have clarity on what I planned in a day and weeks, that the important factor. March is a Yellow theme, as what my boyfriend suggested, a simple weekly spread with a goals section per week. The goals are mainly for keeping track of the interaction level with my customers.


In Conclusion, 

  • It’s okay to draw the front page of the month, as long as it’s not “too much” and it has to come for the mindset of having fun, not forcing myself to have that Instagram worthy post.
  • Habit Tracker is great! I was able to track my daily stretching before I started my morning, also the water intake.
  • Financial Goals, may motivate me to work harder to reach the goal of achieving a certain amount of money per week. Honestly, it’s stressful but worth it!
  • The weekly spread is a bit cramped, some days I have more than 10 to-do lists, which next month I have to give more space for me to write more, and also the Weekly Goals is a great way to monitor my businesses performance.

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