Journal Layout

Bullet Journal | Apr 20

I don’t really invest as much for this month’s bullet journal, as its the month that Garfield is missing. Hence why there’s a number of empty slots that I haven’t filled with anything but I will just update on the layout for April.

The Month


I made a very simple first page for April, since April is like a Spring-like season here in Brunei Darussalam, although we’re mostly summer all year round, probably except for December-January as it tends to be rainy.

Habit Tracker 


Well, my habit tracker is basically empty because I hardly touch my Journal. But within the first week, I managed to do some exercises, which was quite good.

Financial Goals 

I wasn’t as clear on how I may be able to collect a certain amount of money per week, but I managed to fulfilled all categories such as Cat expenses, Car expenses, upcoming gifts and bills.

Weekly Spread 


As for this part, the weekly spread is probably the messiest I have ever made. I didn’t plan before, I just pick a color and dump lines with Adventure time stickers.

In conclusion: 

  • I enjoy making the first page for every month, as for April I used a bit of color pencil and watercolor effect.
  • The financial goal wasn’t as motivating because I didn’t put any effort into making the page. But it does make it clear that I need to be careful about the usage of money.
  • I have no comment on Habit Tracker and Weekly Spread, as I didn’t write as much.


How’s a stay at home going? I know it may be very tough for everyone, please do take good care of your self, stay healthy, and be productive. I believe that during this period, you are given lots of time for you and your family members to discover your interest or take time on what you have been holding on or what you’ve been wanting to do.


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