For the past 3 months favorites!

I was planning to make three different posts on what’s my favorites, I don’t have time for that hence the title lets go wooop woop!

Beauty Products:



I have been using SOME BY MI for almost two years now, it’s the well known Korean Brand, and was a trend a year ago. I was heasitant to invest in one full set of skin care because I’m not sure if it will work with my combination and sensitive skin, and OH BOY it wokrs wonders! I live in Brunei Darussalam that are mostly hot but cold only if you spend most of your time at home aka me. I have used up 4-5 bottles of AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle toner, 2 bottles of AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Cream, 6 or more Bars of AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle bar that I have to divide with my mom and sister, also I tried to used the Serum but I guess it wasn’t a must for me and lastly I tried YUJA NIACIN just out of curiosity, it mainly give a brightening formula, I don’t really need it and it wasn’t as moisturize as the Miracle cream.


MY FIRST (sort of) Sunscreen! It’s beaming hot here, and the sun is everywhere! Even in my room there’s still a slight light that can ATTACC your skin! One of the most recommended Sunscreen is Etude House’s Sunprise Must Daily Lotion SPF50+ PA+++, which I have been using for a few weeks now. It wasn’t as sticky as I thought it would.


It’s La-ne-gee, I know I do not pronounce that well, but La-ne-gee is LANEIGE for me. I did use some of their products but as a young adult, the pricing for each products is quite expensive and I cannot cope up with it, except for the long wear Lip Sleeping Mask that can last more than a year. Although the package said to be expired in a year, hahaha.


IMG_9610Nintendo Switch 

I bought the v2, which last longer than the first version, althought I was tempting to buy the Lite Switch but you can’t connect to a TV or Monitor (hints). I enjoyed playing game LIKE FINALLY! I hardly play any games ever since I entered University, well now that I am done, game all day every day! Well technically no, I do have some work to do but I do enjoy and happy to be able to have the time to play games!

Phone Case

I am obsessed with cute phone case, I do not have control over how many phone cases I used to purchase for my iPhone 6 plus. Now I’m using iPhone 8 for two years now, I only have 5 in total, wooh thats a few but it’s good that my boyfriend have to do a reality check to need or what a phone case. Hence one took me hours to think which pattern do I want to purchase! Loving the bear and cute doodles on it!

EarPod (fake) 

Honestly I do not have to money to purchase $160 worth of wireless earpod from Apple, when you can purchase a $20 ones that basically have the same function with CUTE colors! But the point of me purchasing the EarPod was to get the cute cases, thats all. recently I have been using the Earpod during exercies and dancing around in my room, whihc is very convinient!





I bought this cute coaster during planner market from one of my favourite seller! It’s very ‘me’ as it said ” Don’t fuck with my good vibe” it cost BND $8 each. A bit pricey but I pay for the cuteness! I bought one too for my boyfriend a well, a different one obviously. 

Teacup Set 

As a young adult who hardly able to keep friendship going, why oh why dp I need a teacup set you may not ask? It’s cute and it was just BND 6.90, how can I resist? I mainly use it to make tea for myself! Ice tea, Ice lemon tea and also Ice Peach tea!

IMG_9612Enamel Pins

I love this trend! It’s cute and shows off your personality! My boyfriend had a hard time trying to make sure that I won’t spend money on things I do not need, as mentioned before, but I have been working a lot and it’s time! My closest friend bought me the cat one with the “I hate you the least” matches with the sticker from my phone! It’s also from the same seller where I bought the coaster! The Witch’s brew is from another seller! The only one that’s left!


IMG_9614Elixir by Hilary Duff and Dewey, are both my favourite novels! I’ve read them a couple times ever since I’m in highschool, and rereading them gives me different view as my perspective on things changes throughout the year, it amazed me how it hits differently every time I read them! Dewey is a very wholesome novel that I enjoyed reading despite how I know the ending will be heartbreaking. While Elixir, brings the joy of potography and mysterious romance with a hint of horror!

which one is your favorite from the list? Wiriting this it’s suppose to publish on March, and here I am on April which this post will be publish on May! My current favouurite while staying at home is my Nintendo Switch, and no I do not purchase Animal Crossing yet, I prefer the physical copy! Where we have to wait in a list, plus I need to collect the money first! While waiting for that, my favourite game is Stardew Valley, my friends bought it for me as a cheer up gift!

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