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Bullet Journal | May 20

As for May, I took my time and did my research on what kind of layout I would want to go with, and it goes back to January as an Old paper mix with craft paper type of layout, so I went through Pinterest to find a doable layout for May, here it goes!

The Month 


I love how it turns out! I made it by the mid of April so I won’t rust the last week of it to figure out the layout for May. I bought a white gel pen that I have been searching for! It added upF cute details to it.

Habit Tracker


As for the Habit Tracker part, I made a mistake. The month of May is Ramadhan month for us which means, I do not do breakfast! I was so confused after I finished everything, where I should have put Sahur instead. Either way, I picked Yellow and Brown colored Mildliner to fit the theme going on.

Financial Goal 


After two months of using this new format, I finally have the confidence to show this to you, it’s not much but I can easily manage my money through this system. As I mentioned from my previous posts, this financial goal is inspired by Aja Dang’s budget tracker. I changed from counting my spendings to collecting money for different savings! Simply color the box after I reached each goal.

Weekly Spread


Put it as simple boxes, but by the time writing this post, I added Weekly goals before the start of the week, so that I have a sense of mission or target to achieve every week.

In Conclusion, 

  • Planning on what to design for the layout is better than just wing it, I truly love my May First Page for sure!
  • As for my Habit Tracker, I should have to take into account the month of Ramadhan as I can’t eat breakfast (should change it to Sahur), I can’t reach 5k steps because at this time I hardly walk as much, I can’t take my daily vitamin due to the pandemic the stock for the brand is GONE, I do a bit of exercise before Iftar which is doable.
  • Financial Goals, I am happy to do this method as it made me realize how much I can save more than spending and also I am very conscious on my spending which sometimes I think trice before buying something
  • Listing down a to-do list on my Weekly Spread is great as I can just tick off things that I have done, also setting Weekly Goals every Sunday to start my Monday well.


How do you plan your weeks? Having classes or work from home may have its advantages and difficulties. My brother is having a bad time with having to attend his classes online with the non-stop unrealistic assignments and examinations, which put a toll on his mental health. Please do check on your siblings and friends to make sure that they are doing okay, or at least give them support. I wish everyone is doing well.

5 thoughts on “Bullet Journal | May 20

  1. I love your cover so much. That’s so gorgeous. And your theme remind me of my craft paper that I left in my dorm 😭


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