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Bullet Journal | June 20

27th May 2020, I made this spread mainly inspired by brown and shade of green tone. June is my boyfriend’s month and counting down to his birthday. I dedicated this spread for his and I truly enjoy the process of making June’s spread. I should have posted this days before June but my Bullet Journal May’s spread just posted by the end of May. I need to fix the schedule soon.

The Month

I’m sticking to the vintage style, I’m loving how it looks like as simple as it can be.

The Habit Tracker

As for the month of June, My Habit tracker is still the same; Morning Routine, Cleanliness, Work Schedule, Self Care and Night Routine. Also my sleep Tracker, just to make sure I have enough sleep!

The Financial Goals

I set 8 goals for this month. I’m trying to collect money for silhouette printer, it’s really pricey here, I can buy 2 printers with that amount hahaha.

The Weekly Spread

I’m inspired with the “Document” type of boxes, so I used three different colors of green to pop up the boxes. The brown colored paper is mainly for setting up my weekly goals (business goals to be specific). It was too plain so I added Grid papers, and a few floral stickers!

I do not want to waste the space, so I just randomly add others stickers and notes.

In conclusion:

  • I try to make the Month Page as simple as it is, too much background may be too distracted.
  • As for the Financial Goal Page, I am happy that the layout matches and I fully use the whole two page, instead of having too much space, again I’m using some old papers to pop up the designs.
  • Having the same Habit Tracker was better as it takes months to get use to the new habits, it’s really difficult to change your habit tracker every month as changing your own habits takes time.
  • The highlight of June Spread is the Weekly Layout, I’m loving the Document like boxes for my weekly tasks!

How’s eveyone so far? Hope that everyone is doing well, there’s more events going on around the world but at the same time it unites a lot of people together to do what is right.

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