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My Favourite Stationery | 20

This can be seen as a typical Study-type of stationery haul and I’m not blaming you because it is! But I am currently working form home, which my job involves a lot of stationery related. Please do take note that some items took me months to collect because it is really pricey here to purchase.

Mildliner Highlights and Brushes

Hello there, it’s Mildliner how you doin? I believe that everyone knows Mildliners by now. It was really expensive two to three years ago, as it probably cost around BND $ 3.50 each, and now it’s BND 1.80 THAT DRASTIC CHANGE THO! Well actually local online seller tend to sell it quite higher due to Cube cost (For your information, in Brunei Darussalam there are a lot of Cube as in a tiny rental space in a form of square cabinate for local sellers to sell their items there), while for Stationary shops they were able to purchase in bulk and resell it in a cheaper price. Mildliner has been my favoutie colorful Highlighters for years now, and recently the Brushes set are available!

My current collection- Mildliner:

Mildliner Brushes:


Zebra SARASA Clip Pen is my to go pens! I have to travel to Miri, Malaysia to purchase these pens because you can not find one in Brunei Darussalam back 7 years ago. Until in recent years ITS AVAILABLE LIKE FINALLY! It cost around BND $2.80 each pen or lower depending on which edition you prefer to purcahse.

Muji Pens is my second favourite pen, mainly because I stopped travelling 5 years ago and unable to find any perfect pen for Zebra SARASA Pens, until I discover Muji Pens! Although knowing that they stopped producing and move towards clip gel pens that I’m not fond.

Calligraphy Brushes 

I’m obsessed after I purchased this Brush pens! They came in different colors but last year I was only intrested in Black and Gray ones, until recently I found a local online seller that sells differnt colors of brushes in purple, pink, gold and red! I mean theres more but I can only purchase those colors for now.

Notepads and Sticky notes 

Notepads and sticky notes is a must! Due to the fact that I am quite forgetful person myself, I tend to write things down and stick the notepads on my table or on the window as a reminder.

This Craft like paper is my current favourite! Mainly because it seem aesthetically pleasing, it is quite pricey which cost BND $2.60

Secondly, these Cat notepads! It’s not sticky but the main point of it is because of its cuteness! The Orange one reminds me of Garfield, which is quite of a mix feeling but I purchased it anyway. It cost BND $2.40 each.

Washi Tapes 

Honestly, I hardly use washi tape, even in my journal as you may notice (or not hahaha). I mainly purchase these washi tapes with the thought of “These will be cute for my washi tape collection” which part of me believe that it’s kind of wasteful to purchase and not to use it at all, but recently I have been using them for packaging purposes!

Thank you so much for reading this post! I really do enjoy collecting some stuff and using it to the fullest! Which one is your favoutie from all? Do you have your own collection as well? Let me know at the comment section below ✨

One thought on “My Favourite Stationery | 20

  1. I stumbled across your newer posts, but was attracted by this title more. What a great list. Zebra Sarasas used to be my favourite pen too, but then I got into fountain pens, and I use them mainly for my bujo now. But when I need gel pens, my top pick would have to be the Uniball Signo DX. Checks every box for me: non-bleeding ink, permanent, waterproof, smooth writer. Anyway, thanks for this post!


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