Personal Growth

Reflecting my 2020 goals

The year 2020 was a hard hit for everyone. I was overly excited to start a new decade and set goals to achieve. I listed down the numbers of goals by the end of 2019 for 2020 and rechecking in 2021, I was surprised to know I achieved most of them.

Personal Goals: 

  • Confident to talk to people 

I do feel confident talking to people in 2020, I have joined quite a number of events locally and able to communicate well with my audience and my customers, slowly my trauma talking towards female fades, there’s a bit of fear, but I believe one day I will be okay.

  • Work-Life Balance 

In the early months of 2020, I mainly focus my work and only towards middle of the year I started to continue my studies at Universiti Brunei Darussalam. In terms of balancing my work-university-life-balance, it was kind of okay.

  • Proud of FallingForSnow 

I haven’t posted much for the Blog, and hardly update on my instagram as well. As of today I just posted this blog in 2021, and in hope that I can take my time and write what I enjoy.

What I want to be as a person:

  • Strong 
  • Confident 
  • Creative 
  • Supportive 
  • Patient 

I believed I have become a strong person, I am confident and able to explore the creative world. Although I did push myself too hard. I am trying to be supportive to my surroundings, relationship, family, friends, and the Planner Community. In terms of patience not so much hahaha.

What I want to let go of:

The habit of overthinking, it’s the hardest habit of mine that’s embedded in me, which I slowly let go throughout the year. Letting go of it makes me feel more relax, because I let of of overplanning as well. What I have learned from 2019, that I pushed myself too hard to do more than 3 to-do-list each day that had a toll on my mental and physical well-being, hence overworked. Which had me thinking the difference between perfectionist and strive for excellence.

What I want to Keep:

  • A good basic habit; Drink more water, Make my bed every morning, Sunday as cleaning day and more
  • Put an effort in Blogging and Vlogging, which in 2020 I didn’t post as much blog, but more towards vlogging.
  • Keep a good friendship. I manage to tell myself that it’s time to open up into a new friendship, it’s fine if I do not fully trust someone because it takes time and it’s okay to just walk away if it’s not working out.

My Career Goals:

My career goal, just to manage my current business. I have to let go of two of my main businesses due to the pandemic, and highly reliant to the smaller business, which is fine and doing well. I made it into my full-time job, just enough to keep my furbabies well fed and managed my budget.

  • To have a well scheduled work. The fact that owning your own business are stated to be “Flexible” in time compared to traditional ones, but it’s more like the imbalance of timetable from 2PM until 3 or 4AM. I did not set my time right in 2020, and mostly stayed up all night doing commissions and waking up later in the afternoon.
  • A monthly subscription box. I can’t find the right box and I was not sure if I’m ready to put a whole box full of product for the market.
  • In the other hand, I truly enjoy the process and meeting up with friends and customers in the community.

What I want to learn:

  • The use of Silhouette Portrait. Did a research on it, watched a lot of videos as well to the point I bought a cutter for crafting to cut on a sticker paper, which was painful and slow process.

Those days I was worried if the products will be ready before the upcoming event until someone texted me and lend me her Silhouette Portrait, I was so happy that I cried too much for her kindness. Within months I was able to purchase my own, and I’m truly proud of it.

  • Learn how to Illustrate

My boyfriend borrowed me his iPad, which I spend hours practicing and creating what I want. It’s not as perfect as I want it to be yet, because the expected result vs the actual result is too far off.

  • Japanese Language

It has always been my yearly goal, I love anime so much that I just want to watch it without reading the subtitles. Since it’s not my top priority, I always forget about taking the time off in a day to study. I do understand some sentences while watching anime, but my sensei once told me sometimes the dialog from anime is all over the place with their grammar so we need to understand and be careful.

What I want to try:

  • Keep up with Bullet Journalling.

Keeping up with a whole 12 months of the bullet journal is what I want to try to do, for most of the years I would only put an effort on the first page of each month. As for 2020, I’m glad that I was able to do it, full 12 months’ worth of pages!

  • Realistic Planning

As I mentioned before, I used to do more than 3 to-do-list a day and pushed myself too hard. Realistic planning involves me dividing the tasks into weeks or a month. Telling myself it’s okay to delay some production if I’m not ready yet.


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