Personal Growth


To start, I have so many things going on during this stage of my life in which I believed my current blog does not represent me as who I am today. Changes will be made in order for me to be able to go back and feel free in writing the things that I want, like I used to.

My Lifestyle blog

I have to literally google search what is a lifestyle blog:

lifestyle blog is best defined as a digital content representation of its author’s everyday life and interests.

Hence, my daily life mainly includes managing my own businesses, the life of a mother of four furbabies, a partner, a sister as well as a friend. As my current interest surrounds with journal, stationaries, food, games and skin care products.

Blog subfocuses:

Diary section will still be available that includes:

  1. Life, Dream and Travel that I will change to Days in My Life.
  2. Food and DIY to Love for Food
  3. Thats what I like to What I enjoy

Best of The Month will be replaced to Journal Series

Self Discovery is an important subfocus for my blog, but I will highlight the important part:

  1. Mind Body and Soul will still be the same, although I need clarity for this topic.

2. Self Development will be deleted, its similar to Mind, Body and Soul.

3. Cats to Furbabies, because I do want to share my babies to the world!

I am quite happy with this setup, and it will take a few days or weeks for me to get back into blogging. But, I need to have a strong “why” to keep on writing, and my reason changes throughout the year. I have been writing blogs ever since I was a teenager, writing whatever I want from recipes from games that I found, my daily entries, probably my rants? Moving on to 2015, I needed a space to express what I feel, my view on things has always been dark, so I kept on writing sad and dark things in hope that someone can relate back to me. My titles like Stop, Shadow, Stranger, Hanging, I mean from the looks of it it’s quite cryptic. I have a strong desire to write to let go of each and every feeling that I have on a website.

In comparison with today, I have someone that I can talk about anything, friends that I shared interests with, a community to look after one another, and more than made me forgot that I have a blog. As for today, I almost finished my Master’s Degree, and this blog has been up for almost 7 years can you believe that? For the past 2 to 3 years I have not written anything much compared to the days it started. Part of me feels like I need to find an interesting topic that people would read, another part of me is afraid that people would judge.

My Why

As much as I enjoy Bullet Journal, I do enjoy my time writing, I have always been. I do miss the times when my boyfriend asked me to slow down because I type in too hard and too fast it heats up my laptop! The idea of writing and taking photos is what I enjoy doing, I love to share things with people and find out if they share their similar interests as well. To my “why” and the strong reason for me to keep blogging is for the sake of recording my journey and find possible connections within the community as well as outside, who know where this blog can go in the future.


A lifestyle blogger in Brunei Darussalam, sharing a glimpse of my life and interests on the journal, food, cats, and more! Hope that you will enjoy reading the upcoming makeover for FallingForSnow.

One thought on “Changes

  1. I think it’s really nice that you have everything planned out for your blog. I’ve been wanting to be consistent on mine for too long now but my motivation to write rarely comes. 😩 Compared to my tumblr and early days here where I just write about literally everything.. Idk why I don’t (or can’t) do that now.


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