Days In My Life

Eventful Eid

Happy Eid Mubarak to all my muslim friends and family!

I would like to wish everyone a blissful Eid Mubarak and may you have a great time with your family and friends, near far and even virtually. I can not imagine to spend this celebrate month being away from your loved ones, and pray for one day that you will be able to meet and spend more time together.

2021 Eid with Family and Friends

For my international readers, in Brunei Darussalam, whenever its the month of Syawal (after Ramadhan) as a national holiday that we are given at least a week of holiday to visit of relatives nationwide or friends! In other countries I believed they celebrated Eid for a day or a week, while in Brunei we tend to overdo probably until a month, which is too much but I appreciate the “traditions”.

I do not have a strong memory on any Raya events during my early teens until young adults other than going to relatives houses that I do not know their names or how and which part of the family are we related to. It seems like a tradition to go to each an every family members, extended, long lost cousins, mostly relatives that I can not even figure out who they are! Probably until my mid 20s that I finally take an efforts to get to know their name and which side of the family they are from.

For the past 5 years, new routine added up as the first week I would visit my relatives from my father’s side then my boyfriend’s side, including his friends. I found it a bit awkward to visit his friends and hard to list names of friends of mine. Took me years to gain confidence to talk with different people, which as for this year I was able to start a conversation which I truly enjoy and appreciate the moments.

I have found circle of friends that I am comfortable with as there’s no pressure in friendship expectation. which followed by soon to be annual visit to our close friends, with simple conversation, inside jokes and more to food.

Of course there’s more friends that’s not in the photos, yet I do appreciate every single one of them as they made me feel okay having friends that does not require frequent conversation and are okay with irregular meet ups. I think that it has been years that I finally invited my closest friends to our last minute open house! (again for my international readers, Open House event is where we invited our family and friends over range of foods and talk to one another.

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