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Keeping you in my Polaroid


The first I see such a unique film is when I was a kid. A very bright flashlight straight to my eyes as my mother asked us to stay still and smile. She still keeps it in her wallet, a polaroid of my siblings and me. I remember it was a white and pink coloured Instax Mini, which I have to google it’s an Instax Mini 7s in the 2000s. I can not remember any other photos she took with that Instax, which is kind of weird. There is no other film that I found from our family photos as well.

Years after, I asked my mom to borrow her polaroid, but she said the film was expensive, which I could not afford at that time. Her Instax does work as I put a new film in it, it printed out black coloured films and I wasted my money on that. So I let it be and give up on the idea of continuing my mom’s interest in taking photos. Until one day I decided to get my own money and collect it, enough to purchase my own! Instax Mini 8 in Pink colour! I loved it so much, used them a lot, taking a photo of the beach, any trips I go on with my boyfriends, gifts as well as my friends. It is quite bulky to carry around in a mini backpack, I can’t fit much despite I only keep my wallet inside of that bag. A year goes by and Instax releases a new series of LOMO Instant Film Camera in floral, I saw it, I saw it from an Instagram post! Oh god, I immediately told my boyfriend that I want it, so it took me months to collect the money to place the order! Once it arrived, it was one of the most beautiful cameras I have ever bought! I tried to use different lenses, filters, and effects, but it was quite hard for me, I used up a lot of films to get to know how to use the LOMO, and months later I leave it there in a box. It seems like it became a habit of mine, to buy an Instax, play with it, if its hard then I give up on it.

The truth is, I love using Instax, those films bring me back to a time, and it is very different from the photos you took from your phone. I made a wall of polaroid films next to my bed. I can see my past, I can see how much I grew throughout the years, and important events in my life. I do request polaroid prints from my friend, to print out some photos from my phone. In 2020, I decided to purchase another Instax Mini, in Mint Green color. It’s so lovely to get back and I continue to take more with it. The film itself is quite expensive, 20 films for BND $22 or more, depending on the sellers.

I have been waiting to own another one, the Instax mini LiPlay which I can both print the photo I choose from my phone as well as take photos, as usual, it’s a 2 in 1. I give myself the “I can print what I want, take more of I want and delete those that I don’t like” plus, I won’t waste more films! I will wait for the next two to three months whether I still have the interest to purchase it or not, while waiting I will start a budget for it between BND $10 or BND $20 per week until the time is up!

Why do I need to invest in another Instax?
I do feel like, in this time we might not be able to be with someone who we used to be closed with, we might not remember some events in life and we might need a reminder to move forward. All I can see from my wall of polaroids are films of cats that are no longer with me, people who I don’t talk to anymore due to different paths, places that I visited years ago, shops that are closed, and good memories that I want to remember. I truly want to take and keep more of them. As one day I might take down all the polaroids on the wall and put them in an album, flip through it once or twice a year, maybe my future self will thank me for keeping these memories.

It is either in the blood or just traditions of which my mom would love to take photos of us when we were little and keep them in an album, she has been wanting to keep more but she does not have any cameras with her and printing photos are quite expensive. Or I took over my dad’s hobbies of taking photos of places he traveled to other countries that excite me to go for more adventure. The combination of both made me purchase my own Instax and Camera, which I am both proud to own.

To my future self, If you are reading this again, I hope that you are able to purchase the Instax mini LiPlay and take a lot of memories with it, print and keep the films of your furbabies, adventure you went with my boyfriend, moments that make you happy and more.

Thank you for reading my short page, it feels weird to get back into writing, but I truly enjoy writing down what I want to with my tiny voice in my head telling the stories! Until then!


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