The trend in Budget Binder

I do not want to start this post like an assignment but here goes! There’s been an increase in demand on “Budget binder” for the past month and I can see it as a growing trend for individuals who ease their budgeting to business owners sharing their budgeting method on Instagram. AND, I am one of them hahaha!

What’s a Budget Binder you may or may not ask?

*Let me google that first*

Okay, in a short way possible, it’s a budget system that allows you to see through your money goals which you can set your goals by collecting x amount of money on a week or month basis. Does that make any sense? I hope so, if not, please do google that again.

The trend of Budget Binder?

In an A6-sized binder or folder, as you may prefer, a range of colors and materials can be chosen, with several zipped sleeves inside, some with labels and some are not. As far as I can see with numbers of Promotions on Instagram regarding these products, the price range can be from BND 15 to BND 35 just for the binder itself, and BND 1.50 to BND 2.50 for a single sleeve in transparent or colored ones. You can create your own categories in groceries, bills, expenses, gas, car expenses, savings, and more!

Assuming it has been around for quite some time now, and only recently the usage and the increase in Assuming it has been around for quite some time now, and only recently the usage and the increase in demand rise rapidly thanks to TikTok and Instagram algorithm or promotions. I have been using Budget Binder for almost two years now, mainly due to the convenience in money management based on Aja Dang’s videos. I only use envelopes with labels and put them inside a “card folder”, and it was a bit difficult to take out the envelopes, put in the money, and return the envelopes into these card folders, as the process repeats through all categories. I was also kindly sponsored by a local online seller with a smaller version of these Card folders as an easy-to-carry type and made a review video on the product last April.

As for September, I saw a promotion on Instagram of these “newer” Budget Binder and I understand the hype around it. The pastel and glitter theme, I myself could not resist! 30-second videos that show A6-sized Pastel purple, green, and blue in matte material, with sleeves for collecting your money, are highlighted by its attractive appearances. The fact that it invites budget planners, business individuals as well new consumers into Budget Planner Community. In my perspective, these Budget Binder sold out fast as the main consumers self-employed and generally those who already work. It is mainly because the purchase of the binder set itself may cost more than BND 40, assuming that you bought the binder and more than 10 sleeves. Hence why I believed that only those types of people would be interested in investing in Budget Binder, unless there’s some who’s into money management at an early age, I truly respect that.

Generally in Brunei, these binders can only be found by Online Sellers, there’s a lot, when I tell you a lot, I mean a lot of sellers promoting these Budget binders more than often. Physical shops may hop into the trend, probably a bit later when the demand slowly decreases. These trends so help other crafty sellers as well, with the request of vinyl stickers to label the sleeve in a cursive font and colorful options. I almost fall into the “I want one of those too”, but it is very pricy for me as I rather put that money in savings or spend it on other things. As I mentioned that these trends increase both sellers, you can see there’s a range of prices of the same products that ease buyers to go to those who sell at a lower price. Only of these buyers do research, other people may be compulsive buyers and straight up just buy the binder.

Again, why?

Why have these budget binders become a trend?
Here’s my word, it is a good investment to manage your money well in comparison to putting in the money in your bank and writing down the categories in your book. Personally, it was quite confusing for me to dump all my money in a bank account and rely on written numbers on my budget planner, it’s hard to divide the money online knowing that I have to take some out, what I meant is it’s hard to track them the money transactions.
Second, you can visibly see your money in the sleeves which is very motivating to collect (also very tempting to use). It gives you clarity on where your money goes and how much you can use on a daily or monthly basis.
Lastly, I mean honestly, it is very satisfying to see how you are able to collect more money when you put it in a budget binder. If I have to say, I totally recommend having your own. Only if you are willing to invest in purchasing the budget binder and its sleeves because it is quite hefty in the cost factor. As a business owner, I do need two of those as one is for budgeting and another one is for sinking funds. It’s better to save some of your money now for emergency cases, rather than being completely lost when you need money due to sudden events.

Final thoughts

Is it a good trend? It is to encourage people to rethink their ways of saving money and managing their monthly expenses as well as sinking funds. Would highly recommend business owners to have their own to divide their money well. Will think trends last long? Not in a few months as most trending products in Brunei only last for three to six months. But I am glad to know that more people become more aware of the usage of budget planners or binders and understand the importance of saving and acknowledging the flow of money.

Let me know what are your thoughts on Budget Binder, I’m sure that you guys already have these in your country, Brunei is quite slow so bear with me!


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