Instax mini LiPlay

A hybrid instant camera, the combination of instant camera and printer; Instax Mini LiPlay

I did it! Based on my previous post on “Keep you in my Polaroid” if I would invest in another Instax? Yes, I bought it! Mainly based on collecting BND 5 for every time I received and keeping it in my budget binder until it reaches BND $285 (I know it’s very expensive compared to other countries, I’ve seen USD 150 and I want to cry). I bought it last year in December as Self-reward where I know that I did my best for the whole year! I hardly take any breaks!

Pros of owning Instax Mini LiPlay:

  • It saves cost in film! Some times I set the wrong mode for my polaroid in a dark place or overly sunny area and the films turns – uh not so great, for sure I wasted a lot of film for years
  • You can choose the images! Take as many photo as you want on the Mini LiPlay and then select which photo you prefer before printing it out! Also you can add words or frames on the images which is very satisfying
  • Great as a gift! I truly enjoy giving films to my friends that we can keep, having the same images without retaking photos via Polaroid really saves the hassle.
  • It can record sound, assuming you’re saying something via the Film where you can send it to your friends as a surprise, quite cool.
  • For sure its aesteticly pleasing for your instagram post, if you are into that

Cons of owning Instax Mini LiPlay:

  • First of all, you really need to invest in a lot of money for it, unless your working and money is an easy access for you then go for it
  • The photos is not 100% comes out exacltly the same as the images from your phone. Be sure to edit it well before printing
  • Limited stickers and frame from the Mini LiPlay options, so far I have not use any hahaha

Final thoughts?

Honestly, I have been wanting to have Instax Mini Printer for so long, and to have both features in Mini LiPlay – is amazing! I am holding myself for not printing EVERY image on my phone, and only printing those that hold memories. Is it expensive? Yes, and it’s worth it for me. But I do have a feeling that Instax might release a better version in the future, so dear future self, are you investing in another one?

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