Journal Layout

2022 Journal + January Layout

I have been journaling for quite a while now, and only in 2021 I have not to update anything on my monthly spread nor was it in 2019 as well. The main reason for me is due to its aesthetic pleasing on Instagram and the mixture of personal and business records. This is quite confusing and I have missed a few clients’ orders because I do not set the right system for it. Hence, in 2022 I have a few books to as each have their own purpose.

Bullet Journal

My all-time favorite for three years, which I bought my Journal at nisadesigns and now known as The Journees, a local journal maker in Brunei Darussalam. I have been purchasing my Bullet Journal from her for a few years now. As I love how raw it is and you can see that it is carefully crafted and it’s just the right book for me, where I prefer dotted ones that ease my way to decorate it! If you’re Bruneian, looking for Handmade Journal, or just getting started to do Journaling, I would highly recommend her!

2022 first page

I associate the first page to be a representation of the year. I would want 2022 to be the year that I would finally take the time to understand myself and heal from my past traumas, I will ensure that I will take myself to bloom into the person that I want to be and improve for the better.
The layout is kinda inspired by Amanda Rach Lee, it gives me the 2000s vibe and I’m adding lilac-colored flowers as I mentioned before, the representation of the year.

Current me VS Future me

As I want further clarity for myself, these pages will remind me of the person I am today and the person I want to be in the future or at least by the end of the year. I crave to be a better version of myself this year, and I believe the first step is to “heal”. If I am able to do so, I believe I can achieve and do more of what I love. To have a better work-life balance, to put myself first, to reach financial freedom, and to have a better relationship with my boyfriend, family, and friends, also my furbabies.

Future Log

Truthfully I hardly use this page, but I want to utilize my time management and planning through this page. I have written a few of my customer’s birthdates, as my plan that I need to include such as product releases and restock or any other improvements needed to be done. I probably need to add my friend’s birthday as well, and my relatives!

Goal Setting

Yes, it’s still empty, and I have to write all of my goals down first. As I said I need more clarity on the goals that I have sated for myself. The goals that I have divided into:

  1. Health Goals
  2. Relationship Goals
  3. Career Goals
  4. Spiritual Goals
  5. Workspace Goals
  6. Creative Goals

Vision page

This page is totally new for me. I wanted to have a vision board like – but in a book form? If that make sense? But the first thing I added was the word “Admire” with a couple on it. For me, it represents my relationship with my boyfriend. I will add more that will represent things that I want to achieve for this year.


This is the layout that I am going for in January Journal with Me

January Layout
is more of a blue theme with a hint of vintage style.

Financial Goals,
Mainly the budget that I need to collect on a weekly basis.

Weekly spread,
Make sure it’s simple, the dotted stickers really help a lot!

The Challenges & Lessons

Thank you for reading my post in Journal 2022 + January Layout! How’s January so far for you?
May we have another amazing opportunity for February and do not forget to have a good rest, and stay safe!

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