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2022 Planner + Journal

2022 System

I had only one bullet journal every year, to list down all of my personal errands and work related tasks which seems really messy that I can’t catch up with most of them. Hence for this year I have invested in a few books to manage my daily life and work life, as well mental health wise.

Bullet Journal

On the creative side as you can really put in as many decorations as you want with your own theme. I’m still trying to figure things out how to make it as a personal book rather than a work related books. Maybe I should write down story of the day or memories? At least some tiny wins I did every day.
Bullet Journal from The Journees

Work Planner 2022

I am dedicating this Planner mainly for my work-related. As it would cover clients’ slots, product release dates, and business expenses. I will also be able to decorate every page with a lot of stickers! In hope that I would be more realistic in how many orders I can do within a week.

Affirmation Book

This will be new to me, to do an affirmation book or pages. I wanted to start my days with clarity on what I want to be as a person, what I wish to accomplish, and able to make it as a motivation throughout the day.
Affirmation lists I go from Jenn Im’s Journaling Tips.
I want to implement a good morning routine in my daily life.

All of my books

In total, I have four books which consist of Bullet
Journal, Morning pages, Affirmation Book and 2022
These are the books that I would want to
invest my time well, in order to manage my day-to-day
tasks, to take my time throughout the day, and to
also, record all the memories and tiny things I did.
I am truly happy to see that I can put myself first and
invest in me for me.

To-Do List

One more, A to-do list memo pad that I have purchased from Quirkiness. bn
Which mainly focuses on my To-Do list, even for the simplest thing as a good reminder to do my morning routine to start my day “right”.
As I tend to get easily distracted, this memo pad really helps me to focus for the better.
An A-5 size is amazing!

How about you? Do you just use your journal or planner? Or do you have different books for different agendas?
Do you create a system for your 2022?
Please do share what are your current system or your new ones!


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