Journal Layout

February Journal Layout

February Journal Layout


The month that I decided to give myself a break and some space.

Goals for February

I am currently on a break from my work, as I mentioned that I do not want my bullet Journal to be fully work-related so for this month, I want to record what I did during the day, my small wins, and my emotions for better understanding for myself.

Financial Goals

Financial Page
I do not usually share my financial goals, it’s mainly the budget that I need to achieve weekly. I made a new section of what I need to purchase for this month.

Weekly Spread
I made it as simple as possible, and easy for me to write.
Writing the small wins really makes me happy.

Weekly Spread
Some of the stickers I purchased from local vendors, a good reminder such as “you got this”, literally I can do this, I can rest hahaha. It’s a ready hard for me to take a day off from work, I’m allowing myself to take almost two weeks’ break.

Nothing as fancy as I used to do like Habit Tracker, Expenses Tracker, To Read tracker – I felt the pressure to make sure that I get every box ticked. So far, I am enjoying my simple February Layout.

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