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Master’s Degree Achievement Unlock!

Someone said that we have the opportunity to further our studies. That we should not take it as lightly as we might “miss” studying. The younger version of myself would not see me go to University, to begin with. I did my O’level then A’level, just because I was told to. Going to University was really scary because it was not a fixed environment and you are able to do what you want to do. Fast forward to preparing myself for a Master’s Degree in logistics. One year of coursework, through our laptop was really hard; I can’t meet my classmate or our lectures only virtually. Due to the pandemic, we can’t attend any physical classes for safety measures. In a way, my journey in this field was highly dependent on self-learning if you don’t understand anything in class.

Lesson Learned

  • It is okay to be selfish, prioritize yourself as most of it will be graded individually.
  • Make time to group-study: It’s hard enough to not have face to face communication with our lecturer, it is better to have additional time to study early before the lecture starts
  • Schedule your due-dates on your Journal, it is really helpful to manage your time
  • Write down all the syllabous of the moduels to monitor how many chapters to cover
  • Choose your groupmate well (if it’s not already arranged by your lecturer) – Simply report if one of your groupmate does not do anything

Thank you

I would not take my Master’s Degree without my boyfriend, it’s a dream of mine to graduate together. We get to experience studying together and being in the same class, helping each other to make sure we wake up in the morning as we stayed all night trying to catch up on as many topics to cover before our classes.

Really proud of us!

Special Thank you to my mother who believed that I can and I am capable.


I made a few close friends throughout my Master’s degree. Most of them were from my Degree years, we mainly are in the same group most of the time. Some are from my vendor buddies to friends, that I truly am grateful for helping our research as well!

Received unexpected gifts from kind people! It made me realize that someone out there does appreciate each other despite how distant we are.

Graduation Dinner

Ended the day with a great dinner with my boyfriend, thank you to my mom for the treat!
I had fun getting back into taking photos of food and things for a blog post, and also Instagram.

Usual Menu:
– Assorted Pasta with Carbonara sauce and Salmon
– El Toro Burger

We had our dinner at Balkony Restaurant, it’s a place to celebrate important events.

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