Lunch Out at Ochado

Taking things into a better post, I want to do a short story of my day, going to cafes or restaurants with an honest review. My siblings and friends tend to tell me to not be too harsh on reviewing food, but really let’s be honest. Have you ever read a review of places like “oh the food at X restaurant is so good and affordable must try 5 stars” but when you get there it was just okay or not worth the money”.

It probably depends on what stage of life you are currently in and the financial status that may affect one’s review, as well as how often do you go out.

At some point you are a student, going to a good restaurant with a high price is not worth your allowance. Unless money is not a problem for you then go for it. I prefer something that is truly worth the money.
I had to google how to do a food review, as stated by Kate from Cookie and Kate

  1. Be authentic.
  2. Don’t give up.
  3. Post original content.
  4. Show your personality!

Let’s hope that I don’t mess it up.

This is probably the 6th time that I went to Ochado Cafe at Batu Besurat, as the first was with my colleague during my internship.

The food that we ordered was Rice Bowl Menu:
1. Black Paper Chicken BND 6.90
2. Teriyaki Chicken BND 6.90

1. Fresh Fruit Green Tea – Mango BND 5.90
2. T3 Roasted Milk tea BND 4.50

I remembered the first time I went here during my internship years, it was mindblown! Throughout the year the tastes and quality changes, it might have to be the frequent change in chef due to the pandemic I assume?

Rice Bowl Menu is worth it for rice, chicken, corn, cucumber, carrot, and eggs – with soup – I do not know why the soup tends to be so bland. I ordered the Fresh Fruit Green Tea – Mango and I do not like it at all. The type of mango that has leftover hair strains type (do you know what I’m talking about) and you just blend them, is just not worth my BND 5.90.

Environment-wise, it’s cozy as ever, I really love the design and yellow lighting.

Do you have Ochado in your country? If you do let me know what’s your favorite beverages!

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