May Journal Layout

Journaling with me May 2022.

In the spirit of the dark academy, I present you THE May Journal Layout! I haven’t been putting up much effort into my journal’s monthly layout for the past months.

Month of May

Going for a dark theme, as mentioned before, is an inspiration I got from reading The Schoolmance: A Deadly Education by Noami Novik.
Material used:
⭐︎ Grid Sticker: inthejournal
⭐︎ Dark Fashion Sticker Sheet:
⭐︎ Galaxy Stamps: lia.alishachateaubn

Financial Goals

This month’s focus is:
⭐︎ Bills: Phone bills, WiFi, Water Bills and Car Bills
⭐︎ Cat Expenses
⭐︎ Business Expenses
⭐︎ Savings
⭐︎ Wedding
⭐︎ Self Care

I have divided it into 6 categories to make it more achievable.

Weekly layout

I have set weekly goals such as for books, health, and basic goals that I want to achieve within a week. The style is quite simple-kinda-academic-It gives me Harry Potter vibes, not sure why. OH! Galaxy ish?

Numbered Dates Stickers and Dark Fashion Stickers from:

Book Review

A new section that I just added next to the financial goals. Since I have been reading more books, I would love to add some thoughts to my journal. It is still a new format, hope that it works well!


In making this month’s journal, I truly feel free or invested! I was stuck in a vintage theme format for months now, and I should be okay to explore more.

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