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Sundate at Margherita Pizzeria

It has been a while since us to go on a date. Ever since COVID hit Brunei Darussalam, more shops closed for safety, and only in recent months that slowly restaurants are opening up a few tables for customers to dine in. We took this opportunity to do a Sundate at Margherita, one of our favorite restaurants.

The Place

Located at One Riverside, literally beside a river. It’s a really good view in the afternoon.

Margherita Pizzeria

The Day

It was in the late afternoon, and we went for a late lunch. Took us a while to decide on what do we want to order. Bunga Simpur Pizza was good, well I probably add too much sauce, and I like it spicy!

Bunga Simpur Pizza includes:
Olive (my favorite!), Bell Peppers and Pinapple.

I would give it 7/10

While waiting in the restaurant, I tried to doodle some parts of our Sundate. I felt a bit anxious while doodling, mainly because I was afraid of the staff might judge what I was doing. To think back, I should just mind my own business and continue with what I wanted to do. Overall the page was kinda okay!

Our Sundate was great! Simple late lunch with a quick doodle of the place, as we watched the sunset.

I loved my outfit of the day!

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