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Chewy Cookies Review!

About The Law Baker BN

Legally delicious thin chewy cookies, legally baked by a full-time law student!

I love cookies in general, I mean who does not? YOU??! Well, that came out a bit too aggressive, but you know my standpoint! I love snacks, I love chocolate, for sure I love cookies!

I was able to secure a slot for her cookies as it will be fully booked the moment she’s open to accepting orders.
A beautifully packed 7 pieces of cookies for BND 10.00

Is it worth it?
YES, the fact that she’s has been transparent on the product she used to make the cookies to how much effort she put into the packaging, you can tell and stated the price is worth it

Available Set:
1. Diana cookie (Classic Semi-Dark Choco Chunks Cookies)
2. Rosie Cookie (Pink Birthday Cake With White Choco Chunks Cookies)

I tried the Diana cookie and applied for delivery services to deliver to my door in the afternoon.
Firstly, note that it’s my fault for finally eating it at night, secondly I eat it again the next day, it intensifies the sweetness! I loved it!

If you are interested in trying out her cookies, simply visit her Instagram here.

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