Journal Layout

March Journal Layout

First Page

The theme of the month of March is Purple! Floral-like-purple-ish and a bit of vintage touch, as usual. It took me a while to think about the placement of decoration papers.
Some of the decorations were given by my pen pal friends.
As for the vase and floral decoration really hits different!

Financial Goals

For the month of March, my main focus would be my business expenses on my printer. As my goals would either be:
1. Prepare for an additional Printer or
2. To Purchase Silhouette or Cameo

Still thinking of which, just to be safe!

Weekly Layout

Same weekly layout as I have mentioned, it’s still the same format, just left-right-dated and decorates.

Sorry, that does not sound like fun enough, it looks good to me. Oh, also! do you see Australia’s stamp! A friend of mine gave me a lot of used stamps from her mail exchange friends!


I choose a purple theme to motivate me into doing better in my work-life balance. Since purple is my favorite color! Overall, I do love the first page!

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