Journal Layout

June Journal Layout

The Month

June is a special month for me, mainly to celebrate my boyfriend’s birth month! That is why I’m making the June layout a bit special and personal!
As blue is his favorite color and he really does love space relate, hence I incorporate those to symbolize his character.
Well technically, I found the references online, but I forgot to save the original post for credit.

Financial Goals

No changes at the moment, it is still the same; Bills, Cat Expenses, Business Expenses, Savings, Wedding, Self Care, and Car Expenses.

To be honest I have not reached the April budget yet since I took almost two weeks off from my work.

I need to work more for this month to cover!

Additional Layout

I added a mini-calendar to this section, quite new since I am trying a different system to make me feel motivated to journal daily.
Also a reminder note for any important dates like Nala’s and Ling’s vet appointments, and also my boyfriend’s birthday of course.

Weekly Spread

I do love box format for my weekly spread and to make it as full as possible!

It is simple, and I will be able to use a lot of stickers to mark important tasks throughout the week. I have also added weekly goals, just simple ones to improve my daily habits!

My thoughts on June Layout

I had fun making this layout, it took me longer than usual since I had to draw the first page instead of using stickers to create the monthly layout. It does remind me of how I started bullet journaling, to manually doodle all the layouts. Honestly, May and June Layout is probably my favorite so far, I took my time to create them and I enjoyed making them!

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