Bookgrams Books!

Oh god, how do I start this? If I fall, I fall hard, so hard that my bank account is crying!

The Beginning

I want to clarify, I used to love books, and still do but! The reason why I bought so many books when I was 14 is due to the availability of my parent’s disposable income and we tend to travel a lot, as well as my secondary teacher encourage me to read more books to improve my English Language. Plus! Who does not love to go to a bookstore? In Brunei, there are only a few bookstores, namely; Best Eastern and NollyBook, others are mainly online stores.

Earlier this year, I went to Best Eastern and saw The Schoolmance, A Deadly Education Novel by Naomi Novik. Do I judge books by their covers? Yes, yes I do. Do I end up loving reading? Absolutely!

As Instagram reads all the data of me researching for more books to read, my explore pages show more and more Bookgrams recommendations, from It Ends With Us, the Love Hypothesis, The Spanish Love Deceptions, and A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder.

The Book that starts it all

A Deadly Education, Lesson one of The Schoolmance by Naomi Novik

The book that made me realised, I do love dark academia genre.
I do had a hard time reading this book, mainly because it has way too many new words and terms and names oh my god the names!

But I truly enjoyed it!

Chronicles of Nick the Series, by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Let me tell you, I LOVE this series, when I said I LOVED IT I REALLY DO. I have read more than 7 times just for volume 1; Infinity. As I could not move on for the next volumes. In total Chronicle of Nick is 8 books, and I only have 6. Having them for almost a decade, and I finally read all 6 of it!

The Love Hypothesis, by Ali Hazelwood

I has been awhile that reading romance book gave me butterflies!

Although I am not really a fan of “Spicy Scene” it took two chapters of the book (I think!)

Thoughts on Bookgrams

Buying books is now my new obsession, in a good way honestly. I made it as giving time for myself to relax and taking my time to read books. I get to share my experience reading the book with my sister, more like – we bonded even more through the love of books! Which made us realised we go the interest in books from our mother. (She’s currently have more than 300 books guys, probably more!)
Oh also some of my customers are into books too, it made me happy that we scream (virtually) on similar books that we liked! I do want to go to a cafe and just sit there, reading books and eat snacks with some friends!

That is it for now! I have way too many To Be Read List, that I can not wait to share with you guys!

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