Little Things I enjoy in Life

I have been focusing too much on things that I forgot how enjoyable little things in life.

Something that I was taking my time to learn on how to take care of different plants, so far my favorite would be the money plants.

Happy Corner
I love seeing this corner, as simple as it is. It is very functional for me to get my work folder, books, and also memo pads.

Self Help Books
I am in love with self-help books, it really does slap you in the face, in a good way!

It is one of my happy places, as I have invested so much for this space to be cozy enough to do work or watch anime!


As tiring as it is to write letters, I really do enjoy writing them. It feels different to receive mails in comparison to text messages.


One of my love languages? Is that the right word? I enjoy eating salmon! I love salmon, it’s quite pricy.


I started reading novels back, and I fall in love all over again!


One of the places that I wish that I could go to often, but then it won’t make it feel special.

Do you have any of those little things that you enjoy? Do let me know!

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