The Person behind FallingForSnow

A lifestyle blogger, bullet journal addict, and a smoll entrepreneur from Brunei Darussalam. Writing posts on the journey of self-discovery which is filled with curiosity, creativity, travel, relationship and friendship, challenges, achievements, and failure throughout her daily life. She wants to deliver the value of different posts that is relatable to the readers in terms of emotions, interests, reviews, and more. 

Craves to learn more in the scope of Business field, Illustration, Marketing, Photography, and Videography in order to fill in the time of her days. In other words, a studyholic she’s used to spending most of her teenage years in her room with textbooks and still not used to the definition of “self-care” and off days. 

Now she’s just a workaholic that tries to process her traumas in order to move on with her life through healing. yay!

What do I do?

Bullet Journal | Planner | Morning Pages

Managing smoll business

Foodie! I love food! If I don’t love I won’t swallow it.

Going places with my partner!

Blogging My daily life!

Review on products I love!

With him,

the person who opens up doors to see the world more than just hiding inside a bedroom. He added colors to my eyes and taught me so much more. To have a person who believed in me and acknowledge my existence is amazing which enables me to explore more and test my capabilities in so many ways! He’s my closest friend, the one I trust the most, and my partner in life.

Contact Me

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