My name is Yumie, and I am a lifestyle blogger from BWN.

This is the life of Yumie, to discover new things every day, if possible. To share my journey that includes daily events, knowledge, and skill obtained, creating content, expressing what I can do in terms of blogging and vlogging.

Currently in love with Canon G7X Mark II, into Bullet Journal, still learning Calligraphy, trying out street photography and food photography (do check out my Instagram page!), taking care of tiny plants (let’s hope I can do this) and pretty much that’s it.


With him,

As I share my journey with the one that I love, of course, I need to make a huge shout out to my boyfriend! In which he support my blog and taught me how to use the camera. Most importantly, as a person who inspires me to become a better person day by day.

Why FallingForSnow?

I wanted FallingForSnow to be a platform where I could share my experience from the journey “Monthly Update”, also to share my favorites things. It may not seem as much but blogging is what I am passionate about. It is where I actually express whatever it is inside my head. As an introvert, this is my space to show what I can do.

I believe that through blogging, I could get to know new people, learn new things, might as well inspire one another. Positivity is the key ♥︎

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BUSINESS INQUIRIES ✉️ Fallingforsnow07@gmail.com