My name is Yumie, and I am a lifestyle blogger and bullet journal addict from Brunei Darussalam.

This is my journey to discovering how to fully live my life – that filled with curiosity, creativity, travel, challenges, cats, achievements and amazing people, besides than playing sims.

Fallingforsnow is a blog about personal growth and the adventure within Brunei Darussalam, focuses on the food, people, places and events.


With him,

A huge shoutout to my boyfriend, Farid Metassim who have been supporting me with my blog as well as taught me on how fully utilize my camera. I mean I am posting quite a number of post related to him.

Why FallingForSnow?

I wanted FallingForSnow to be a platform where I could share my experiences from the journey “Monthly Update”, also to share my favourites things. It may not seem as much but blogging is what I am passionate about. It is where I actually express whatever it is inside my head. As an introvert, this is my space to show what I can do.

I believe that through blogging, I could get to know new people, learn new things, might as well inspire one another. Positivity is the key ♥︎

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BUSINESS INQUIRIES ✉️ Fallingforsnow07@gmail.com