The name of this person is Yumie, a lifestyle blogger and bullet journal addict from Brunei Darussalam. As the eldest, that almost typical Malay-Character, not the overly dramatic one, more like the quiet one and minding her own business although almost most part of her life was a bit dark lessons learn and more to come!

This is the journey of discovering how to fully live her life – that filled with curiosity, creativity, travel, challenges, cats, achievements and amazing people, besides than playing sims and Zelda. She wants to deliver the value of a post that is relatable to the readers in terms of daily life, emotions and her interests, fun reviews on the things that she’s curious about, other than the cute factor, to share the beauty of her country Brunei Darussalam, also at WunderLifestyle.

Not to mention that she’s into photography, slow and take lots of practice. Obsessed with the theme on her Instagram page, where it needs to be in the same pattern and well organized. She is also playing around with editing videos other than taking daily life vlogs that she hardly posts on her Youtube Channel.

To understand her capabilities and interest, despite it took a toll on her time management, yet she tries her best to enjoy whatever she’s posting.


With him,

To the person who changed the dark Yumie into a colourful, joyful and fearless catpotato ever! Farid Metassim, a person who will show up a lot on my post and vlogs, just because he is in my daily life adventure. He taught me how to fully utilize my camera, even upgrade one, he shows me the colours through different filters and a different point of view. He encourages me to write even more, as you can see the changes two years back compared to now, it’s really different. I learn a lot more ever since we’re together, both educational and life-threatening situation. Just kidding, he made me believe that I am worth more than I thought, he wants me to stand up for myself, fight for my right and for what I believe. He means the world to me.

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Why FallingForSnow?

Fallingforsnow is a blog about personal growth and the adventure within Brunei Darussalam, focuses on the food, people, places and events.
Series on, Life, Dream & Travel, Food & DIY, I Like Du du du, Best of The Month, Mind Body & Soul, and Self Development.

I wanted FallingForSnow to be a platform where I could share my experiences from the journey as you can see from the Series, to show who I am as a person where through blogging people could see what kind of person I am, the similarities that we might have but most importantly might as well to be able to inspire one another. I believe that doing good will lead you to be better for yourself and your surroundings.

I hope that one day, FallingForSnow could be recognized as a blog that shares the purpose, meets the needs of the readers within Brunei Darussalam and outside too. To make friends virtually, far yet close to one another, to have fun collaboration which leads to a great community.

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