Days In My Life · Review

Sundate at Margherita Pizzeria

It has been a while since us to go on a date. Ever since COVID hit Brunei Darussalam, more shops closed for safety, and only in recent months that slowly restaurants are opening up a few tables for customers to dine in. We took this opportunity to do a Sundate at Margherita, one of our… Continue reading Sundate at Margherita Pizzeria


Days In My Life · Personal Growth

Master’s Degree Achievement Unlock!

Someone said that we have the opportunity to further our studies. That we should not take it as lightly as we might “miss” studying. The younger version of myself would not see me go to University, to begin with. I did my O’level then A’level, just because I was told to. Going to University was… Continue reading Master’s Degree Achievement Unlock!