Little Things I enjoy in Life

I have been focusing too much on things that I forgot how enjoyable little things in life. PlantsSomething that I was taking my time to learn on how to take care of different plants, so far my favorite would be the money plants. Happy CornerI love seeing this corner, as simple as it is. It… Continue reading Little Things I enjoy in Life


Love For Food · Review

Chewy Cookies Review! Thelawbaker.bn

About The Law Baker BN Legally delicious thin chewy cookies, legally baked by a full-time law student! I love cookies in general, I mean who does not? YOU??! Well, that came out a bit too aggressive, but you know my standpoint! I love snacks, I love chocolate, for sure I love cookies! I was able… Continue reading Chewy Cookies Review! Thelawbaker.bn