Personal Growth

I have PTSD

I thought that it was fine to not have that many friends. I attended a talk that the question asks to list down 5-7 friends, which it was not really as pleasing emotions that come up in mind. Looking down to my notebook, I have listed down only three of my closest friends. What I… Continue reading I have PTSD


Personal Growth

How to cope with “Fuck Off Friends!”

Oh hey there! Thanks for clicking that button its either we’re in the same page or you’re wondering what happened to my previous friendship HA-HA-ha. No, I’m sorry it’s not about that – well maybe – It’s more about how to cope with the human expectation on perfect friendship! yes yes, that does exist not… Continue reading How to cope with “Fuck Off Friends!”

Days In My Life

Discovering KB | Ramadhan Edition

I went to Kuala Belait mainly for WunderLifestyle market validation. As for today, my boyfriend and I went for Sungkai Outing with our friends from Entrepreneurship Village. Iqmal, Mira, Ruby and Frina live at Kuala Belait, an hour travel with cars from Bandar Seri Begawan. They decided that we could sungaki (break of fast) together… Continue reading Discovering KB | Ramadhan Edition



Kenali Negara Kita in short #KNK, Bandar, Brunei Darussalam.  It was on a Sunday, December 2015. Sachi do you want to go for a trip soon? Sachi is basically my long lost twin. By twin I mean the similarities of our interests, likes, personalities, pasts, current mostly we have it all (or almost) the same.… Continue reading KNK