Days In My Life

My Firsts

Halo there! What was the first thing that comes up in your mind? HMMMMM? Straightforward to say that I saw Amber Liu’s video on “My Firsts“, so I was like HHMMMMMMM. Wrong. Basically, this post is inspired by the video so here goes! 1. First Plane Ride You ever went on? Either Jakarta or Malaysia… Continue reading My Firsts


Days In My Life

Discovering KB | Ramadhan Edition

I went to Kuala Belait mainly for WunderLifestyle market validation. As for today, my boyfriend and I went for Sungkai Outing with our friends from Entrepreneurship Village. Iqmal, Mira, Ruby and Frina live at Kuala Belait, an hour travel with cars from Bandar Seri Begawan. They decided that we could sungaki (break of fast) together… Continue reading Discovering KB | Ramadhan Edition