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2020 Bullet Journal

Hello everyone, in 2020 Bullet Journal Layout, I’m trying to make it as simple as possible, well sort of. I used to draw the layout with different doodles, add colors that take up too much time and energy, which sometimes demotivates me from Bullet Journalling. Here’s my 2020 Layout and January’s Layout. 2020 Welcoming 2020… Continue reading 2020 Bullet Journal


How to cope with “Fuck Off Friends!”

Oh hey there! Thanks for clicking that button its either we’re in the same page or you’re wondering what happened to my previous friendship HA-HA-ha. No, I’m sorry it’s not about that – well maybe – It’s more about how to cope with the human expectation on perfect friendship! yes yes, that does exist not… Continue reading How to cope with “Fuck Off Friends!”